First Trinity Preschool Scholarship

  • 4-Year-Old Scholarship

    In 2022, the preschool was gifted with an endowment to start a scholarship for kindergarten readiness for a 4 year old child (this means the child is or will be 4 by December 1). The 4-year-old classroom is in session Monday-Friday. The scholarship is based on financial need. Income tax returns will need to be submitted to verify income. The income guidelines are based on the Bison Scholarship guidelines. A full scholarship or several partial scholarships may be awarded in a given year. The money for the scholarship will be paid directly to First Trinity Preschool.

    Income Eligibility Requirements

    2022 household income and new income levels
    Household Size Maximum Allowable Income
    2 $49,437
    3 $62,181
    4 $74,925
    5 $87,669
    6 $100,413
    7 $113,157
    8 $125,901
    For each additional children add $12,744
  • Scholarship Details

    Guidelines for the scholarship include:
    • The recipient family will be responsible for the supply fee, providing snack when scheduled for the class, application fee and field trip expenses or other misc. expenses.
    • Regular attendance is expected. Unexcused absences will result in forfeit of the scholarship and loss of the place in the class. A phone call can be expected after 2 weeks of unexcused absence.
    • Applicants will adhere to all policies and procedures set by the First Trinity Preschool such as immunization requirements, etc. Attendance at parent informational events such as open house or conferences is expected.
    • For 2024-25, the deadline is February 1 & recipients will be notified in March.
  • Application Process

    Step 1 - Check Eligibility

    Check your income eligibility using the chart at the top of this page. The child must also be 4 years old by December 1 of the school year for which you are applying.

    Step 2 - Apply

    Apply for the scholarship online through Brightwheel (account required). You will also need to submit 2 names of non-family members and their email address as references.

    Step 3 - Upload Proof of Income

    After completing the application, click here to upload your tax information to verify income.

    Step 4 - Application Reviewed

    Applications will go to the scholarship committee consisting of First Trinity staff, preschool staff and preschool parents. In case of many finalists, applicants should be prepared for a 2nd round of interviews which may be done via phone, in person or technology.

    Step 5 - Scholarship Awarded

    If you receive an award, you will then apply for enrollment to the preschool, also through Brightwheel online. A full scholarship or several partial scholarships may be awarded in a given year. There is a $100 fee for enrolling which can be submitted in payments. Full details for enrollment can be found here.