• Main Building

    We are located at 1570 Niagara Falls Boulevard, kitty-corner from Trader Joe’s. There is parking off the Boulevard with a larger lot on the neighborhood side of the building. There’s a drop box for the Salvation Army as well, so bring your donations and put them to good use.

  • Classrooms

    The lower level of the school that houses our 4-year-old program was updated in 2010. Sinks were added in both rooms, as well as a new secure hallway for pickup/dropoff with cubbies for the students. 4-year-olds have easy access to a drinking fountain and restrooms. The upper level was renovated in Summer, 2015 to provide a new classroom for our 2-year-old program and to update the 3-year-old classroom. 2’s and 3’s have bathrooms and sinks in their classroom and are behind a new secure lobby.

  • Playground

    When the church expanded the parking lot in summer 2014, they also added a larger, fenced-in natural playground on the neighborhood side of the property, away from Niagara Falls Boulevard. There is a path around the outside of the playground that also cuts through the center over a hill with a tunnel beneath it. A small flagstone area with tree stump stools makes for a fun outdoor learning area. A bridge and slide were added in 2015 connecting the center hill with the back climbing hill and a slide that comes down from the bridge. In 2018 we added a large sandbox as part of a young man’s eagle scout project, and a low climbing wall in 2019. Kids love playing and climbing around. It’s open to the public during non-school hours, so stop by with your family and enjoy some outdoor time!