• Our Preschool provides a blend of spiritual, academic, social, emotional and physical experiences.

  • Activities are thoughtfully planned, challenging, engaging, developmentally appropriate and comprehensive, but also fun! It is a partnership between teachers and parents as we seek to help your children grow into the persons God desires them to be. We hope that each child will learn to appreciate the wonders of God’s creation, know His great love in sending Jesus Christ as their Savior, speak to God in prayer and live a Spirit-led Christian life.

  • Class Options

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    • 2-Year-Olds
      1 or 2 Days/Week
      • 4 to 1
        Student to Teacher Ratio
      • 8
        Class Size
    • 3-Year-Olds
      2 or 3 Days/Week
      • 7 to 1
        Student to Teacher Ratio
      • 14
        Class Size
    • 4-Year-Olds
      5 Days/Week
      • 8 to 1
        Student to Teacher Ratio
      • 16
        Class Size

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